In a world of smart phones and computer screens the world can feel both big and scarily small. We can visit pretty much anywhere in the world within seconds via the internet and see everything the world offers from the comfort of our homes. I think the biggest mistake we can make is to sell ourselves the belief that this resembles the power of the world in real time.

Nothing can compare to exploring nature and no app can match the beauty of a stream or the rhythm of the ocean as it dances timelessly with the light. 

How can I be so certain? We have just returned from a trip to the foothills of Mount Gabriel in Schull, a hidden gem which can be found less than two hours away from Ireland's Cork airport. As we stayed in the architectural wonder that is Sykros, I woke each morning to see the waves crashing at the foot of an old lighthouse and wondered if I had ever seen a view so beautiful in all my life.

It made the eye-catching, flashy world of technology fade into dull nothingness. It gave me what large companies spend millions trying to sell us. It made me feel alive.

Even the drive to Schull was incredible. A mixture of beautiful scenes, windy roads and small villages that were both inviting and authentic; the rustic beauty really did have a pull on us. 

Arriving at Skyros can only be compared to being in a James Bond film. It's almost too grand and too extravagant to be true. As you turn the corner the juxtaposition of natural beauty and modern design is simply breathtaking; a living piece of art. With floor-to-ceiling glass windows, far-reaching views and a simple emergence from nature to sky, Skyros really must be experienced to be understood.  

So what exactly is there to do in Schull? To be honest I think I could have got lost in the hills of Cork for weeks. Our five month old baby, however had other ideas, so for this short trip we had just one full day to explore, and explore we did!

Our day of Irish exploration included ruined castles, deep lakes and crashing waves reminiscent of fairytales found in ancient books. We had heard of Three Castle Head and, as it is only half an hour from Skyros, decided to make it our focus for the day. On arrival we parked right up on the edge of the coast, where cliffs met the endless ocean and a series of steps were built into the rocks amongst the skeletons of fishing equipment.

As we made our way down to sea level we were consumed by the power of the water and the crashing waves against the shore. Never have I been met with so much beauty on my doorstep.

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