We were looking for somewhere really special to congregate as a family to celebrate Dad’s 70th and my sister's 40th, and The Palladian exceeded our expectations. The audible gasps from us all as we drove through the gates and up to the magnificent property was something that we’ll always remember. The inside of the house was just as impressive, each room beautifully decorated with exquisite taste. The beds were also the comfiest any of us had ever slept in and every detail was just so, with every whim catered for.

We were staying there with four children and they had the best time exploring the expansive garden, playing on the trampoline and watching films in the cinema room when the weather turned. It was a nice surprise that children are obviously so welcome in such a grand house.

I would absolutely recommend The Palladian for large families who are looking for a gem of a property for a special and memorable occasion, where you can feel that you’re really living the dream.