Intricate, ethereal and spiritual is how Jo, founder and director of Julita London, describes her brand in three words. Established in 2013 by designer and owner Jo Kuniewicz-Murray, Julita LDN Bride was created with the vision of today's modern bride. Every order is handmade to the client's most detailed measurements in her London studio. Jo's designs have been featured by Rock My Wedding, Love My Dress, Ivory Tribe and many more, including the Interview Magazine cover story which featured a bespoke veil commission for Rihanna. 

When I was little I dreamed of being a vet, but my dyslexic strengths lent themselves to a more creative career. I’m a hopeless romantic, so I focused on a path of designing. My mother and aunt both worked in fashion so I grew up surrounded by inspiration. I pursued a career as a women's fashion designer, but I knew it was a matter of time before I moved away from the commercially driven nature of the industry. I wanted to create without restrictions, so took a new route making one-off bespoke wedding dresses.

Inspiration comes to me from absolutely everywhere. I look for fabrics which I can manipulate keeping my signature style in mind. This goes hand in hand with the current mood, who I can see wearing the dress and how the bride's personality is reflected. It isn’t all about being the most beautiful, but really feeling something. I tend not to focus on trends but on timeless designs that you'll look back on and still love in 50 years.

When it comes to brands I love, I swoon over creations by Annina Vogel, an incredible jewellery designer who reinvents Victorian vintage charms into heirloom pieces. The designs embody so much character and history. I also love the work of Hitomi Hosono, a ceramicist based in London. Inspired by leaves and flowers to craft botanical porcelain art with incredible detailed texture and form, all crafted by hand - it’s incredible!

I see the 2020 bride embracing individuality. Moving away from traditions. Free-spirited with a dreamy sense of adventure.

My idea of a dream honeymoon is back to basics. Living in a remote forest somewhere, in a wooden hut hidden amongst the trees with incredible views that take your breath away. I love being surrounded by nature, it calms and grounds me.

I look at my own wedding dress everyday. It hangs in my studio and I still adore it. It's made from silk georgette and vintage laces - very floaty and a bit bohemian - completely unstructured. It has a high neck, an open back and a long sweeping train, which continue to be key features in my collection.

My latest collection was based around flowers. Each dress is designed around and named after a flower of the night, with symbolism and hidden messages. I’m so intrigued by the idea that some species only bloom at night, and poet Thomas Moore describes this beautifully: From plants that wake when others sleep, from timid jasmine buds that keep their odour themselves all day, but when the sunlight dies away let the delicious secret out to every breeze that roams about.

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Styling by Fern Godfrey