Awe-inspiring, parallel perspectives and cyclic natural patterns are just a hint of what Gstee’s (George Stephens) eclectic portfolio captures. With no formal photography training, Gstees’ natural inquisitiveness led to years of exploration and improvisation through a multitude of mediums, culminating in an artistic approach with no set boundaries and an ever-evolving expressive style. Hailing from the North Cornwall coast, he says ‘these emotive landscapes are my playground and provide abundant inspiration; the rhythmic ocean, those dancing upon the waves and ultimately, the present nature of it all’.

Shooting aerial photography along the rugged Cornish coastline naturally presents challenges, however, he sees the changeable nature of these shores as an opportunity, rather than a deterrent. When shooting, the tides, light, and seasons are taken into consideration in order to savour the unique, unrepeatable moments that these elements bring. In his experience, ‘conditions are rarely entirely calculable which creates space for the beauty of unpredictability’ and this wildness is certainly tangible in his finished pieces, ‘seascapes pay homage to the stolen moment and expose the raw, mostly unseen grace of each location’.

On his journey, travelling internationally has acted as a catalyst for fresh inspiration, and the use of artistic photography sparked a brand new way for Gstee to perceive the places he found himself in. A trip to Fuerteventura produced an ‘instant sense of lawlessness that stirred up creativity’. Of the experience, he explained ‘this dusty, copper island contrasted with my signature blue palette, yet evoked those familiar feelings of boundlessness in nature’. Whatever the location might be, Gstee’s images are a journey of creative development, which is mirrored in the shifts and nuances of his conceptual works and, as an explorer, he strives to ‘show stills of the natural world often unseen by the human eye’. On the hunt for something new, a visit to Torrevieja in the south-east of Spain revealed vibrant salt lakes that sit on the coastline; the unique eco-system beneath the water produces an unusual, stunning pink hue, resulting in remarkable imagery. A collection of images captured whilst travelling around Sri Lanka, offer another, alternative perspective: perfect reef breaks in Ahangama, turtles in Hikkaduwa and the Mountains of Ella all showcase his trademark, off-the-beaten-path ilk.

Regardless of whether it’s Cornwall or abroad, Gstee’s images ignite a sense of adventure in the viewer. Spanning all weathers and embracing the elements, his photography evolves with the seasons, inviting you to experience his perception of this beautiful world. Gstee’s artwork is available for purchase through his website and can be paired with locally hand-crafted frames.