We were never supposed to be so still.

As humans, we were born to roam; to follow the seasons and to chase the hunt, to be in motion with the sun, to pack up camp and drift when the full moon glows upon the earth.

There are still many nomadic cultures around the world; the Bedouins wander the deserts of the Middle East in search of water, Tuaregs trade between the northern and southern cities of the Sahara and Nenets make an 800 mile annual trip with reindeers through arctic Russia. These people live light on possession and hard on times, harnessing an instinct that has been so deeply squashed in Western societies by the comfort of secure jobs and warm homes that we barely even notice its loss.

But has it? Have we really lost our intrinsic need to roam, our want to be free? Against a system designed to grind, we rebel. We dance through the night at kaleidoscopic parties and fly across the world to taste the zing of freshly picked passionfruit. We hike, we swim, we run and we cycle. We climb mountains and explore the otherworlds of Shamans and prowl the inner workings of our past. We go to bars for dizzying cocktails and festivals for uninhibited dance, expediting into joy through laughter and song. 

Perhaps this is why these past 12 months have been so strange, so slow, so stuck; a rich and fulfilled life is stitched together with a tapestry of experiences and we come home merely to rest. We were never supposed to be so still.

With the reopening of the world comes a welcome shift in culture; jobs which couldn’t possibly be worked from home now can, meetings which once had to be done in person now by video call. When we are free to travel once again, life will be so much more than the 9-5 and our collection of self-catering homes offer perfect destinations for nomads of every kind.

For the lone ranger

Never has ‘me time’ been so precious. To the parents juggling work and homeschooling, to the keyworkers endlessly plugging away to keep us safe without a break; we see you. Your need for cleansing and rest is paramount and our small but mighty homes come with all you could desire twinned with not a single thing that has to be done. Wake late in the day and run to the sea before brunch, read a novel (or three) under the sun, dipping in and out of slumber on a hammock or return to your private hot tub after long hikes across Dartmoor’s wild heart. Whatever rejuvenation looks like to you, solitary nomads can find their dream luxury retreat within our solo travel collection.

For the meticulous planner

Some people live for spontaneity, others like a life well-planned, and for those, we have a portfolio of luxury homes waiting for you to take up residency in them. Maybe a bohemian cottage overlooking Cornwall’s Coverack Cove will peak your interest for a spring holiday by the sea, or maybe a celebration worthy of gathering 11 of your nearest and dearest warrants a migration en masse to one of Devon’s most soul-lifting homes. Whatever your occasion, rest easy in booking well ahead of time, knowing that when it comes to the crunch, all you need to do is turn up.

For the slow traveller

Drawn out mornings sipping coffee under colourful clematis and nothing on the agenda apart from a country ramble to the nearest village to browse antique stores and pick a bottle of wine from the local deli. Sounds delightful, no? Our long let collection lets you discover an area at your pace without having to pack up and check out at the end of the week. Whether it’s a month overlooking the sea in one of Cornwall’s best foodie destinations or six with the full, extended, family in a Wiltshire manor house, there’s a luxury home, big or small, waiting for you to move right in.

For the explorer

For the nomad in need of green, green space, it has to be one of our wilderness retreats. Designed with adventures of every kind of mind, here are self-catering homes which can be found in Britain and Ireland's wildest corners. Mountain retreats and lonely beach cabins, secret homes with private loch access and sweet cottages ensconced in tangled woodland, there is no venture too great or small here.

For the digital nomad

Check in on emails before a morning dip in the heated outdoor swimming pool, log into a staff meeting in a pretty thatch after a long rural hike or write that article before a family lunch overlooking the sea. The working holiday has never looked as appealing as it does now, and our homes with inspiring workspaces ensure you won’t need to miss out on a week away because you have a deadline looming ever again.