Cornwall is a pretty inspiring place to live with the moorland, coast and woodlands, three totally different worlds, all within easy reach of one another. I've lived here all my life and like to think I know my way around pretty well. Having children increases the explorative nature within me. I want to share as much beauty with them as I can and really enjoy taking them to all my special places.


Every day things inspire and fuel my passion for interior design and crafting. My girls, naked and golden, frolicking in the sand, stacking stones made smooth by waves, racing in and out of the vivid turquoise sea. Wandering in the woods in winter, bare branches against an almost white sky. I like to use these natural elements in the house. Beautiful wooden worktop, table, shelves, a willow branch on the wall, juxtaposed with vibrant, striking modern design pieces, colour and art work against a white background. I'm a bit of a reformed hoarder and I like the paired back, light and calm feel of the Scandi style. Now it's about less 'stuff' so that the beautiful, carefully selected individual pieces stand out and pop. It's peaceful and easier to maintain some degree of control over the state of the house, even with two little excitable tornadoes to contend with.


I also like to draw ideas from various social media platforms such as Instagram and a wonderful Scandi and Mid-Century Facebook group I'm a member of. It's so lovely to be able to share ideas so freely, with people just like you, going about their lives and wanting to surround themselves with an environment that sparks joy.

As a busy full time mum you can often feel cut off and a bit disjointed. While a four and two year old can be great company, it doesn't always fulfil my need for a creative outlet. I'm at my happiest when I have all these elements in my life, family time, adventures that invariably lead to inspiration and a bit of time on the side to make a table, up-cycle a piece of furniture or just sit and look at pretty pictures in a book.

By Alice in Scandiland