I fell in love with The Beach Hut the first time I visited Millook back in 2013; with its small, dark pebbled cove sheltering below the geometric rock formations, it seemed other-worldy. I remember I had been walking along the shoreline when my eye caught sight of a couple sitting out on the decking of this pretty little Cornish hut, talking animatedly while drinking from mugs, and I thought how much I would love to sit there one day, on that decking looking out to that sea. 


Intrigued to find out more, I discovered that it was a former tea room and was now looked after by Unique Homestays, available for others to enjoy all year round! In fact, it was stumbling across the website this way which lead me to apply for my position with Unique Homestays the following year.

So, as you can imagine, I was thrilled when the owners invited me to spend a couple of nights at The Beach Hut. I couldn’t quite believe it was happening, I was about to actually go and stay in this salt-weathered beauty that I had seen many moons before! I had come full circle, for it was now almost two years ago that I first discovered this idyllic hideaway in North Cornwall.


Driving through the sheeting rain towards the dark north Cornish coast, I couldn’t wait to get to my destination. With a final turn down a steep incline towards the sea, I glimpsed the twinkling lights of The Beach Hut through the darkness, recognising the pitched roof in the shadows. Picking up the keys, I walked to the front door. The sound of the ocean was intense, almost wild, the cold wind and rain whipped at my coat and I couldn’t wait to get inside. Warm and welcoming, with a sprinkling of fairy lights, it was all I had hoped for and more.


The woodburner provided the toasty warmth needed and the well-equipped kitchen made supper easy. Afterwards, I relaxed by the fire with a glass of wine before later falling asleep in the luxurious bed with the sound of the sea in the background – my favourite way to spend a night. Plus, of course, there is always something magical about arriving somewhere in the darkness with the anticipation of seeing it in daylight hours…

Waking at 5.30am, I stepped out onto the deck and took in the freezing sea air; it was surreal – here I was on the deck that I had previously only dreamt of standing on.


In the early morning darkness, I could just make out the white froth on the shoreline and hear the swell crashing back and forth onto the beach. I flung open the shutters and returned to bed with avocados on toast to watch the day begin and the colours of the water change.


The swell was building and a few locals gathered to watch the waves come in, anticipating the change in tides. The left hand point break was firing and the deck made the perfect viewing platform to watch the surfers do their thing. I certainly had the best seat in the house!


On Sunday, I decided to take to the coastal path towards Crackington Haven, to stretch my legs and get my bearings, exchanging greetings with the locals I passed on my way. I wanted to savour every moment of my weekend before the time came to jump back into my car again.


I repacked my bag with a little less enthusiasm than when I had packed it; my getaway clock was ticking and I would soon be heading home again.  I truly do not think I have ever felt more content or happy than during my brief stay at The Beach Hut. It really is a very special place; extra special to me because it led me to where I find myself today!  

Funny how these things work out isn’t it? 

If I hadn’t decided to go exploring along the North Cornish coast one Sunday, two years ago, I would never have fallen in love with this exceptionally individual Cornish beach hut and I would had never have found Unique Homestays and a job I enjoy! Now, if that isn’t special...