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Modern Feminine

Posted to Interior Inspiration by Lauren on 1st April 2019

Say goodbye to hard lines, sharp tailoring and harsh colours and hello to the rise of modern feminine interiors. This year we’re seeing fresh feminine hues and soft fabrics bring a touch of woman to our homes; where once there was grey is now emblazoned with floral prints, where there was navy is now pastel in shade.

This new modern feminine, however, isn’t the return of girlishness as we know it. Pretty is back, but bolder and more brash than ever before; think dark floral wallpapers wrapping whole rooms in gloomy glamour, soft linen curtains which bellow in the breeze and a dash of old school chintz which is unashamedly working its way back into fashion. Even the colour pink has had its very own rebrand, with Pantone’s colour of the year for 2019 a scorching coral which zings with warmth and joy.

Contrast is key to the modern feminine look, with contemporary embellishment standing aside retro frills and natural textiles draped over edgy sofas. Entwining architectural lighting and industrial furnishings with blooming cushions and pops of colour. This new trend mirrors the modern woman of today; strong, independent and not afraid to wear personality on their sleeves.

"Dusky pinks might be considered feminine colours but, in wall colours particularly, think Farrow & Ball’s Peignoir, they can create very relaxing spaces which are great for bedrooms and bathrooms. (The Botanist has Peignoir walls in the master bedroom). I often like to give feminine wall colours a harder edge by picking out woodwork in deeper more masculine shades such as dark greys, blues or blacks thereby creating an unexpected affect and making the scheme more versatile." - Siobhan Hayles, Interior Designer.

Properties featured from top to bottom: The Flower Press, Under the Rose, Gwendolyn, Wool Merchant's House, Pearl's Place and Felicity Park.

Properties featured in this article: The Flower Press, Under the Rose, Gwendolyn, Wool Merchant´s House, Pearl´s Place, Felicity Park

1st April 2019
by Lauren


Lauren has spent years travelling on the back of her adventure-travel blog, learning a thing or two about luxury homestays along the way.

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