It is often a challenge to source artwork that fits with the unique design of our home stays. When the perfect piece is found, it lends a focal point to extraordinary spaces and suddenly, the interiors feel complete. We share the artists behind pieces used in Linea, The Hide and The Stack and their inspiration behind them.

John O'Carroll

Featured in Linea, The Hide and The Stack, John O'Carroll's work seamlessly blends into both contemporary and rough-luxe interior styles, while drawing upon the coastal and moorland locations of the properties. Ancient methods of painting, nature and his travels are used as inspiration for his work which aims to captivate the eye of the viewer by calling upon their memories and taking them on a journey. These paintings will have you mesmerised the second you walk through the door.

Susan Bleakley

Large scale abstract canvases, that encapsulate a moment in time; Susan Bleakley’s work features in the master bedroom at Linea, as well as the cinema snug, where two large-scale pieces – There, Here, Already and Green and Bronze add vibrancy and vivacity to the space. Mesmeric in their appeal, these pieces sit seamlessly within the contemporary domain of Linea.

Emily Crookshank

Emily's work features in the basement of Linea, marrying effortlessly with muted-toned furnishings, her pieces lend a focal point to the room. She takes inspiration from Britain's wild landscapes and limits her materials to paper, graphite and charcoal. 

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