We’d love to start by hearing a little about you, how did you come to own such a unique home?

Growing up in the nearby village of Millbrook, Whitsand Bay has always been on my doorstep. When I was small, as soon as the first rays of sunshine appeared we would make the journey up Donkey Lane to spend the day at one of the beaches at Whitsand. On Sundays we would drive back around the cliff as my father liked to see the "white horses" and we always tried to spot the mast of the shipwreck poking above the water, if the tide allowed.

When I was 23, I came home from work one day and was greeted by my dad coming down the path. He calmly asked if I was looking for somewhere to live (which I hadn't been) and very generously said that he would help me out with some security if I was thinking of looking for a place.

I didn't have any money and at the time the only thing I could afford was a little chalet at Whitsand. The chalets were not what they are today; it was a hard way of living in flimsy little wooden huts with tin roofs. The summers were long and light but the winters were quite a task, with the wind rattling through every crevice, the weather showing you it’s every mood. 

I lived in the chalet in its original state for a few years and then when I met my partner, Terry, we started to make alterations.

What makes Tempest the perfect getaway?

Life is so busy nowadays, but just a whiff of sea air and the freshness of saltwater bring peace and tranquillity. Just to sit in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows and watch the gulls bounce on the air or witness the skill of a hawk balancing on the wind before diving down to take its prey is just magical. It is what we are here for; to be reminded of the real things that matter and to live a little slower in life.

The light at Whitsand is so wonderful. In the summer the days go on and on and even in the winter, despite the blowy days and cliffs cloaked in a sea mist, to spend time here is to truly feel alive. Your soul is filled with what matters, to be calm and connected; Whitsand Bay and Tempest can give you both of those things.

What was your inspiration behind the interiors?

Tempest is our home and has evolved with our changing needs. I could never get enough of the light and found myself niggled with any piece of wall that was in the way of the sea view.  We have always loved to have friends and family around and the open-plan living, dining and kitchen space make for relaxed social gatherings.  

I love to bring the outdoors in and that´s the reason for the floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors. I think the shades of grey and yellow imitate the cragginess of the cliff and complement the sunshine-yellow gorse, which I absolutely love.

How would you best describe Whitsand Bay to someone who’s yet to visit?

Whitsand Bay is a long stretch of the finest, most natural cliff and beaches you will find; untouched and unspoilt. It is peaceful and wild and has the ability to take you back to yourself. Be prepared for the most beautiful sunsets and visits from occasional pods of dolphins, who sometimes somersault through the waves. Wildlife, surfing and fantastic coast walks are in abundance here – why would you want to go anywhere else?

Could you try to sum up Tempest in three words?

Built with love