Calm, harmonious, soft, serene; the composed design of Maberly has been carefully curated by owner Sophie Cornish, with friends and family at the forefront of every stylistic decision.

Starting her working life as a journalist for glossy women’s magazines, Sophie’s career has seen her turn her talented hand toward a variety of professions over the years, from advertising and marketing through to founding and growing the wildly successful small-business marketplace, Notonthehighstreet. ‘It was an amazing experience, where I learned much of what I know today, and that business is always about one simple thing: people. Whether they’re the ones you work with, your customers, or those you do business with; get those relationships right, set your standards at the highest level, and everything else follows.'

After several intense, whirlwind years of Notonthehighstreet, stepping back a little allowed Sophie and husband, Simon, time for reflection and to consider what the next chapter would bring. Currently working on her latest happy venture, Busby & Fox, an inspiring Devon-based retail business with founder and creative brains behind the business, Emma Vowles, Sophie explains that she wanted to create a retreat that would ultimately become the perfect home. ‘Thinking about what our priorities are for our family, our friends and ourselves, we thought about how we wanted to work, and not work (sometimes), and share our time and space with the people we love. The house stands for all of that: every decision, every choice of form and function, of furniture, fabrics, colours and details were with friends and family in mind. We wanted a place where we could live out traditions, create new ones, have fun and make memories, as well having a space that’s uniquely calm, simple and serene when we need it most.

When considering the décor, Sophie explains how the ethos of notonthehighstreet, Busby & Fox and Maberly would inevitably intertwine, the fusion of all three creating an organic manifestation of style that balances craftmanship and quirkiness with an uncluttered design. ‘The house is a reflection of the many designers, makers, curators and creators that I’ve had the privilege of working with. Notonthehighstreet was established to provide a platform where the products of the country’s greatest talent could be found by the people who would love and value them the most; Maberly is filled with treasures, heirlooms and creations that were made, found and given by that creative community.’ An elegant combination of historic features and modern comfort, the farmhouse has so many glorious spots that picking a favourite, for Sophie, is harder than it sounds. ‘There really is a place for every special moment: I love the kitchen as it fills with friends arriving on a Friday evening, steadily growing noisier; the 15th century granite dining room at Christmas with stockings hung from the huge hearth; the drawing room where we light a fire and play games; and the sun trap of a patio which acts as the best office in the world’.

As hard as it may be to tear away from the house, the surrounding area in which Maberly is nestled is just as splendid and holds a treasured familial connection. ‘It’s breathtakingly beautiful here. The coast, the hills, the lush trees and green fields, the walks, the villages, the endless lanes; it’s all magical. The sky is black and starry, owls hoot at night, the air is clean and clear and brings with it a sense of just being, in a beautiful, still space. Beyond that, the talent the area grows and attracts truly captures my heart - artists, foodies and some of the best coffee in the world. My mother was from the South Hams, so it’s lovely to have a connection with her here. There are so many interesting things to do and see in Devon, sometimes I have to be reminded that we came here to downshift!’