The Edge is vastly known, having appeared in glossy magazines and online travel journals across the globe. There’s barely a paper that hasn’t covered the story of the tiny house with the round window; it’s the romantic retreat that has probably seen more honeymoons than it has full moons. Having the ability to go viral across newsfeeds in faraway countries overnight, this 320 square-foot beach hut is no secret. Or now, perhaps it is.

New owners have breathed new life into The Edge this year. Its naked cedar wood cladding has been drenched in a shade of icy blue and inside offers everything you’d expect from a Pinterest-perfect beach house. There’s a chinking shell chandelier, fresh white linen upholstered furnishings and a woodburner so small it could have been pinched from a doll’s house. Underfloor-heated wooden floorboards lead out to a private wraparound deck, where a steaming hot tub invites guests to dive in beneath the bubbles.

I met my friend there who, by happenstance, had stayed before like me. This time though, it seemed that little bit more special. On Friday we drank bubbly in the hot tub, on Saturday we ran barefoot on the beach and day-tripped to the South Hams. On Sunday morning the living room became a yoga studio and in the afternoon we hosted friends for roast chicken. Perhaps it was the new guise, or the fact it was a frosty February weekend, but The Edge felt more clandestine than ever: a perfect quiet place somewhere.