Hello Lyons, thank you so much for speaking with us today and telling us a little more about your magnificently unique property, Skyros. Firstly, what do you believe makes your home so special?

I love the Skyros because the architecture is so big and dramatic, yet it sits discretely within the stunning West Cork landscape and feels very private. The house really maximises the superb coastal view, all the more interesting because of the combination of the sea and the surrounding islands. It has just enough elevation to see over the islands and out to the horizon, meaning you see all the changing weather systems rolling in from the Atlantic.

The architecture of Skyros is so striking, how did you come up with such a unique design?

We had an idea of what the house should feel like to live in and we had a portfolio of images we had collected for years. We chose an architect whose work we loved, who understood our broad requirements and appreciated the site. He comes up with such a brilliant initial design, that while it was tweaked over multiple iterations to bring in some beautiful improvements, it is effectively the building he brought to us on day one.

What do you most enjoy about your holidays at Skyros?

We love the feeling of contrast from our hectic lives in London, after a 50-minute flight we are in a different world. We love the weather, the sky and the views which one experiences less in a big city. We love the pace and friendliness of Schull and we love going out to the islands; you can have magnificent beaches to yourself even on beautiful summer days. We also love the freedom the children experience.

West Cork is full of some of the most beautiful Irish scenery; what are your favourite places to visit in the local area that should not be missed by guests?

Schull village is nestled at the foot of Mount Gabriel. It's worth a quick trip to the top as you can see most of West Cork from the summit. Journeying further west along the Mizen Peninsula, the landscape gets more rugged and remote with every mile. As far as you can go lies Three Castle Head. While the castles have obviously aged, the landscape and seascape would be near identical to when it was occupied in the 12th Century. It's impossible to approach the castles without feeling the echoes of those who lived there 800 years ago.

How would you sum up a stay at Skyros in three words?

What a view!