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A Midweek Home from Home at the Limit

Posted to Travellers' Tales by Lauren on 27th July 2018

Most bank holiday Mondays signal the end of relaxation; a time to gather life together and drag oneself back to normality after a long weekend of beer gardens and lazy mornings in bed. But not this bank holiday Monday. For me, the second Monday in May lead me from sleeping on the floor of a tipi and a rather raucous hen party to a recovering sea view hot tub, al fresco dinners and lie-ins I’m usually robbed of when sleeping in my own bed.

Peeking out between the wild rhubarb, The Limit’s approach alone gives a sense of wonder, the feeling of being alone, finally, in this busy world of ours. The greeting here is, of course, a warm one. Becky the owner and her dog welcomed us with a cream tea laid out on the kitchen table, the wood burner fully stocked and a fridge bursting with breakfast goodies. The greatest part? Here there was no sound other than the birds, the sea, the wind whispering across the dunes.

Closer to our Cornwall office than my Devon home, The Limit proved to be a restorative midweek spot, despite business as usual in working hours. Mornings nestled in the rolling sands of Holywell Bay are slow ones; a mug of earl grey tea under soft slate-coloured blankets, a gentle amble through the rustling grass for a dawn dip in the breakers with our ever-enthusiastic dog, breakfast overlooking the surf under the warming rays of the day waking up.

Evenings spent here moved to much the same rhythm as the beginning of the day. We walked the cliffs and ate in the sun and sunk into warming bubbles to watch sea mist envelop the world, turning the festoon lights a magical fuzz above. Come bed time, we snuck under the covers, hot-tub warm from the inside out, and slept deeply to the sound of distant waves.

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27th July 2018
by Lauren


Lauren has spent years travelling on the back of her adventure-travel blog, learning a thing or two about luxury homestays along the way.

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