Travelling on a blustery day from Cornwall to East Sussex was not the best of choices, however, every mile was totally worth it as it meant we ended up reaching our destination for the weekend. The winds made it feel more like autumn than the middle of August, so we knew to pack some comfies for our weekend away.

Romany was every bit as beautiful as the pictures suggest. Like raindrops on tin roofs or the sound of the waves, the strong winds created a constant noise through the trees, sending us into a deep and much-needed slumber. As we woke in the morning to the four-poster bed and veils, the linens were so comfortable that we didn’t want to leave to make the morning brew. It just felt like this was exactly where I was supposed to be.

For breakfast on Saturday morning, it meant waffles and fresh fruit with yoghurt (healthy…ish!) and sitting on the garden bed to enjoy the morning sunshine with the wind keeping up its tempo. Saturday was a lazy day in the end, with some reading and napping in the sunroom, music and card games at the dining table and warming soup for lunch.

We brought our dog Milo with us on our weekend away, and there was plenty of space to throw a ball back and forth to tire him out for a little afternoon nap. It’s safe to say he enjoyed his stay too! The country lanes are quiet enough to explore for some outdoor adventures and luckily, we brought waterproof jackets with us for getting caught in a late afternoon shower! It gave us all the more reason to light the log burner on our return. We dried off and settled down for the evening, whilst squeezing in some time in the hot tub, before returning to the marshmallow mattress for another night's sleep.

Sunday was short-lived as it meant our return to home for work on Monday, but Romany was without a doubt exactly what we both needed for some R&R and quality time together, without the need to be anywhere else in the world. We were right where we were supposed to be - in our little bubble of peace and quiet.