Approaching The Pomegranate Tree in West Anstey, Devon was a delight. We opened the gate and proceeded along the drive past the most incredible garden with well-stocked borders and a stream trickling through; there before us in the sunshine stood The Pomegranate Tree.

Sitting in front of St Peters Church, the stunning stone cottage was decked with the most beautiful wisteria in full bloom that tipped our heads in welcome as we went through the front door. We were greeted by richly furnished rooms which had a modern twist while maintaining a characterful cottage style. As we glanced around the well-fitted kitchen, we found a welcome hamper of fresh eggs, butter, bread and a bottle of prosecco to prompt a toast to our arrival. We pottered around the garden admiring the flowering plants, and during evenings, we enjoyed a midnight view of the stars; they were so bright in this Dark Sky Reserve it felt we could reach out and touch them. Those were just some of the many magical moments that lifted our soul during our time in this wonderful house - memories that we will remember for many years to come. Thank you The Pomegranate Tree for a lovely break.