I want to feel part of the landscape, connected to the earth, to the trees, and to the sky when looking for the perfect space to hold a retreat. I also need to feel able to deeply let go into the comfort of the rooms that hold us. The understated luxury of Anthology Farm in the Cotswolds feels rich, organic, natural. The textures create such a warm and inviting feeling of being safe and held, especially in the yoga room, which has its own magic. 


We live in a society that really encourages ‘doing’, we glorify being busy, achieving and being productive. This makes it difficult for people to be able to relax or feel they can really rest without the guilt. Anthology Farm is a space that encourages deep rest, which is the reason that I find this particular venue perfect for my Kundalini Yoga Retreats. Over four or five days of Kundalini yoga, meditation, breathwork and relaxing sound baths we work on becoming calmer and more balanced, on resetting the nervous system, moving away from a state of fight or flight to a state of deep rest and regeneration. 

As humans we crave connection and it’s very important that we connect to nature just as much as to other humans. The outdoor spaces here really encourage you to be outside as much as possible, even in the autumn and winter it has so much to offer. There are gorgeous long walks within the 500 acres - through meadows and forests, or to the nearest village filled with ancient stone walls and chocolate-box cottages. There's such a sense of achievement walking up the hills to appreciate the far-reaching views. 

During our retreat we spotted deer, hares and pheasants, always curious at the huge full-length windows of the yoga room. We fell asleep to the sound of the owls hooting through the clear night from the ancient trees. The wildlife makes it possible to be completely present in that moment, there is such a stillness. 


End of days were spent enjoying togetherness in the impressive dining space, what a room! Each meal felt like an event, and we enjoyed talking long into the evening surrounded by the characterful stone walls and lofty ceilings before happily retiring to the most comfortable of beds.

There's a very special energy here at Anthology Farm. As soon as the view opens up, there's an inimitable shift within you. Perhaps it's the way the two barns, the larch pool house and the Yoga room encase you in a circle with the landscape. You instantly feel so removed from the world, this is when you are able to heal, deeply restore and leave feeling completely renewed. 

I have run retreats there now twice a year for the last three years and I feel so lucky to have found such a perfect and beautiful venue — I count down to returning each time.

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