We are divine beings, souls that thrive on nourishment and connection, rest and kin with the trees. We were created to laugh with friends over wine and candlelight, stretch our bodies in line with their own rhythms and howl at the moon when its glow descends a blanket on the land. We were not made to rush, nor deplete, but this busy world insists on taking, taking, taking. This year, instead of resolutions that restrict, we suggest new rituals that bring growth and peace. After all, life is too short not to eat cake.

Embrace life’s simple pleasures

An image of a woman practising yoga. She is wearing white and sitting on a sheepskin rug in front of a large window.

Slow-steeped leaves for the morning brew, Kingfishers flitting across river paths, lingering that little bit longer to watch the sunset paint the clouds as you pull the curtains shut on the children’s bedrooms; this world’s greatest joys are found in its smaller moments, moments that are handed to us but so often taken for granted in the rush of life. Instead of picking up the phone and scrolling, delve into a book; rather than curled over the desk at lunch time, stretch out with a walk or yoga; hot coffee and sweet dates; going to grandmas for Sunday supper. Build those moments of gratitude this year.

Practice your passions

An image of someone cutting a tart from above. The table is covered in foliage, candles and food.

This is no side-hustle, but bliss-inducing, heart-sustenance. Whether cooking or hiking, swimming or pottery throwing, dive into the activities that bring peace and glee this year. Embark on a retreat into the wild to hone your bush-crafting skills and foraging knowledge, or spend time with a private chef and a cookery class, bringing your love of restaurants to your home and family. Writing groups, home grown vegetables or activism; give your passions the limelight this year.

Take time for yourself

An image of a blonde woman walking down a quiet street. She has a basked filled with dried flowers, is wearing knitwear and a hat

Release yourself from the shackles of routine and spend time truly finding oneself in 2024. Whether a solo adventure into the Scottish hills, a weekend to rest and read or a month holed up in a remote cottage to start that novel you’ve been dreaming of, here lies your opportunity (and permission) to step away from the day to day to let your soul recover and flourish.

Be immersed in nature

An image of a person standing alone between trees. It is winter.

Say farewell to fair-weather adventures and hello to a dramatic Britain that’s rarely seen by the average traveller. Be surrounded by storms on clifftops, feel frost crunch underfoot on the moors, and the satisfaction of puddle jumping with no care for the muddy splashes up the backs of your legs. For those whose connection to the elements is as essential as the air we breathe, take a last-minute escape to the farthest reaches of the UK, where wind-whipped waves and snow-heavy clouds are as much a part of the destination as the location itself.


An image of a laid table on a clifftop next to a bench. There are white and beige table clothes, dried flowers in a vase and a glass with a drink in

We are here for such little time, why wait until a milestone birthday or anniversary to get everyone together? This is the year to celebrate friendship, love and family, of dinner parties just for the sake of it, of sleepovers and drinking the “good” Champagne because it’s in the fridge. Take that romantic trip to the mountains, just the two of you, and shout “I love you!” from the peaks; this life is too precious not to be elaborate, after all.