Not anti-AI, but antidote. Architectural Integrity our counter-float.

And just like that, the world wide web was riddled with pseudo-architecture born from lines of code. Simulated structures and fictive interiors; should-be-soulful spaces mimicked by thinking computers. In the face of all this artifice, itís easy to feel disillusioned; what is real, and what is not? Which was born from endless hours poring over T-squares and scale models at the drafting table, and which is nothing more than faceless droid design?

For a time, it was a wonder. It revealed sleeping quarters burrowed in chalk caves, stilted cabins above rainforest floors, and ladder-clad libraries six-stories-high. But the appeal of AI was also its problem. The trend became tiresome, incited suspicion; it carried on its back a labyrinth of highly convincing, entirely fabricated, habitats. But we have no desire to deal in abstracts.

Uniqueness is the backbone of our brand. Our portfolio is an alphabet soup of architectural marvels: it includes manors designed by Kingís architects, castles dressed from carpet to canopy by homegrown print designers, true-as-can-be treehouses in oak forests, and unsuspecting thatches donning signed Picassoís on their walls. Every inch of them is intentional, utterly authentic, and human-made. Craft is who we are, trust is what we offer... and from cloister to cantilever, nothing about us is artificial.

Artificial Intelligence, meet Architectural Integrity.

Three interiors; a concrete hall, a patterned armchair in front of wallpaper, and a seaward windowPictured: The Find, Castle India, and Suki