It was April, the sky was dull and overcast and you could tell it had been raining as everything was wet and glistening but we didnít care.

After quickly and excitedly unpacking and getting the log fire started, we decided to have an indoor picnic, open the champagne and take in our home for the next week. It wasnít long before jetlag hit us and we were asleep.

Waking to the sound of waves crashing was such a contrast to the sirens and traffic of the previous
week, it was idyllic. The smell of the sea, the sound of the waves and we soon forgot the bustle and noise of the previous week. It seems timeless here and we wallow in hazy relaxation.

The Beach Hut is almost on its own, a cosy wooden cabin on a small grass knoll above the pebble beach. The stream splits the beach in two and the recent rain has meant that it is a challenge to get across but we manage it with some effort, lots of laughter and a bit of initial doubt. Once over, having crunched and slipped over the pebbles to the far side of the bay, we look back and we are alone on the beach. We sat and soaked it all in, it was like recharging batteries.

Mid-way through the week the sun came out, the sky was clear and blue and the bay took on a different persona. The weather and the waves had attracted a few diehard surfers. Several vehicles parked on the curve of the road, one of them an old split screen VW, and a small crowd gathered to watch. We sat on the porch watching as well whilst enjoying a steaming cup of tea and a hot Cornish pasty, it was amazing to see the skill of the surfer as he teased the rocks. We later found out that he was a local legend and European champion which explained the fantastic technique and the surf groupies.

We didnít get out very much, lots of relaxing, many walks on the beach looking at the flotsam and jetsam and generally just losing ourselves in the peaceful surroundings. The tide came in, and went out, waves crashing and time just drifted with it.

After a week it was time to leave but it was not easy to pack up and go, we were both very, very relaxed and we seemed to have a fixed smile.

We still smile now when we look at the photos and recall the memories. It was exactly what we wanted for our second week, a total contrast to the first and for a week at least, our own
special honeymoon hideaway.