Eco weddings are on the rise, no longer is ‘environmentally friendly’ a novel theme but a mandatory point to consider when planning your big day. Here we show how you can help save the earth without sacrificing your vision of a beautifully designed luxury wedding.

Reducing energy and materials used is a key factor to consider at your eco-friendly event. No-one likes the sound of a petrol-fuelled generator, so instead opt for non-toxic candles in recycled glass bottles and open-air events where the sun, moon and stars can illuminate the festivities. Everyone looks better in dim light anyway.

British bubbles. After years of living in the shadows of its popular French cousin, Britain's sparkling wine is now firmly in the spotlight for producing some of the finest fizz on the globe. Drink bubbles from Coates and Seeley, Nyetimber and Camel Valley and, if close by, why not hire the vineyard for the afternoon? Continuing the party with a Sunday soiree at a verdant estate will make quite the finale to a weekend of merrymaking, without needing to ship everyone overseas. 

Organic, seasonal food is a great way to celebrate the local province in which you choose to marry. If you’re tying the knot in Cornwall, keep it simple by serving platters of fresh seafood laid on steaming beds of samphire with slabs of Cornish butter and Baker Tom’s bread. Or, great for vegetarians, hire The Cornish Grazing Company to put on a beautifully informal feast of stacked cheese rounds, caramelised nuts and trailing berries. 

Following tradition offers a chance to step back in time and open your guests' eyes to the local culture. Wedding planning in Wales? Tradition says it should be grain thrown on the newlyweds rather than confetti, helping them lead a long and fertile marriage (according to folklore)!

Elope! Many modern couples are running away (literally) from lavish weddings, in favour of more private affairs. "Eloping completely takes off the pressure of planning the 'perfect wedding'," says newly-engaged Natalie Salmon (Harper's Bazaar social media editor). "Weddings - thanks in part to social media... are so much more visible then they were in the past. It's not just your friends and family who will see it; even people you haven’t even invited might be watching." A small and intimate wedding means you can invite only those who count, even if that means just the two of you.

Choosing a natural-focused venue will be the biggest decision. Private home venues offer warmth, comfort and are already styled to perfection, so all you’ll need to bring is the party. From botanical-themed farmhouses high on hilltops to Gothic country manors and reclaimed engine houses evoking whimsy fairytale scenes, here are our picks for your unique 2020/2021 wedding. The best part? Not one composting loo in sight.

The Stack, Cornwall

Scarlet Hall, Cheshire

Florin, Wales

Romany, Kent

Figtree House, Cumbria 

(Jessica Scott Photography)

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