There’s something soothing about taking up residence between walls made of timber, where the wild views and scent of the forest floor combine with man; where the natural world has been harnessed, moulded and crafted by skill. Whether by the sea or immersed in trees, life in a cabin is a life of surrendering to nature, where whiplashed sea winds throw salt at the windows and gentle light filters through leaves and dapples the ground. To be in a cabin is to give in to the elements, to immerse within their force and hunker down, or bask, in all their untamable glory.

Today we bring to you five of our finest cabins, where the raw meets the refined and mankind and Mother Nature are perfectly entwined.

The Shipwreck

A home above the sea which has felt, and recovered from, the fury of Mother Earth in her most aggressive of tempers, The Shipwreck’s walls were built entirely from the washed up wreckage of a marooned cargo ship. A devastation born into new life, spend days here at the edge of the modern world, where phone signal is sparse but true connection is strong. In summer, pad down to the often empty sands of Whitsand Bay before settling on the decking for sundowners as the skies blaze overhead; in winter, the master bedroom’s enormous rolltop bath tub is the finest way to while away those long dark days.


Vintage florals and moody glamour combine at this eco-friendly utopia in the heart of rural Cornwall (and only two miles from the slick surf of Holywell Bay), where seclusion and peace are the name of the game. Settled on a spot where a self-sufficient farmer once made his home, the garden is planted with happy pollinators in mind, a herb patch and a yoga deck perfectly positioned for sun salutations under the morning rays. By night, pop open a bottle of fizz and listen to the sounds of the night hoot and call in the trees above.


Reclaimed, loved, and luxuriously rustic, Ammonite is as laidback as it gets. From the Gatsby-esque chandelier in the master bedroom to the antlers in the lounge, this 1930s stripped back cabin surprises and delights. Close to both Winchelsea and Rye, here is an escape (with hot tub, of course!) which is close to London in geography, but a world away in spirit. Barefooted bohemians will feel right at home between these whitewashed walls.

Ebony Wood

A sauna, a hot tub and views of the River Conwy meandering to the snowy caps of SnowdoniaEbony Wood just about has it all. Inside, the coal-blackened wood and soft sheepskins embody the very essence of this part of Wales, while crushed velvets and thick throws bring luxury by the bucketload. Outside all is still, and other than the sound of pinecones falling to the needle-thick ground with quiet thuds from above, there’s nothing to interrupt a romantic weekend in this woodland escape.

Walden Lakehouse

Settled beneath the canopy of sky-high oaks and hazels, Walden Lakehouse is a dreamy escape in Ireland’s County Westmeath. Lazy days floating on the River Shannon are an essential to any stay here; so too are mornings spent in bed sipping coffee, watching the swans glide onto the water. A woodburner, woodland decking and a carefully collated collection of mid century furnishings make this Irish cabin truly worthy of its ‘Ireland’s Home of the Year’ title.