Indulgent reunion parties and retreats into the wild, idle breaks by the sea and a newfound love for a world that has been out of reach for the past 18 months, 2022 sets to see the world of travel beam with enthusiasm. As life begins to wriggle back to normality, our need for freedom shakes itself from the binds of anxiety, lifting us to breath in the world with new life. Here we share our forecast for some of the top travel trends you can expect to see this year.

The big reunion

The past two years have seen families and friends connecting via screen with promises of reunions soon shattered by further restrictions. But as 2022 settles into its stride, so too do our arms begin to stretch towards each other. This year is about coming back together. Both families, groups of friends and their four-legged comrades reuniting in large, luxurious homes, with no facility spared, where embracing, celebrating and bonding with new members of the clan is of the highest priority. With some groups bringing their ponies on their Unique Homestays holiday this summer, everyone really is welcome.

Go green, or stay home

More purposeful and thoughtful travel is set to lead the way this year; think less foreign excursions and slower journeys where local fare and small business is celebrated. Travellers will also lean more towards brands who have a focus on sustainability, encouraging a snowball of companies to build this beautiful world back to glory.


While eco-conscious travel is set to rise, that doesn’t stop the international traveller finding their way to our shores. The word eudaimonia translates in Greek to “a state of being happy whilst travelling and everything feels great,” and after a stationary period of time, visitors from around the globe are flocking to devour British culture and to seek new experiences, from the Scottish Highlands to gastro delights of the south west. Cooking holidays, yoga breaks or even solo escapes; this trend is all about the pursuit of personal flourishment and learning to live well.

Epicurean escapes

Think 1920’s speakeasy-style parties, but with a modern, maximalist edge. After so long drinking wine over Zoom, it’s time to bust out the party frocks, mix extravagant cocktails and dance the night away in the grand ballrooms of some of England’s finest country homes. There is nothing to hold back in 2022 and, with in-house chefs available to whip up a storm (and clean up after!), poolside spa treatments and even DJs up for hire, now is the time to celebrate freedom. Food and drink play a fundamental role in these Gatsby-esque get-togethers, as people celebrate the seasons as well as Britain’s best producers. Think English sparkling wine, Exmoor caviar and steaming mugs of Cornish tea the morning after while the party sinks into a slow Sunday session before returning to work the next day.  

A life aquatic 

Water calms the soul and soothes the busy mind. Whether watching it from a sea-view deck or floating across a lake in a rowboat, its ripples and tides serve as hypnotic meditation. From weeks spent residing in a clifftop cabin to a riverside weekend enjoyed deep in a mountain valley, escapes to the water are as essential this year as they are rejuvenating.


While the need to retreat into the wild is strong this year, so too are facilities which mean nobody has to scrimp on wellness. Think large homes in remote corners of the UK with outdoor tubs overlooking the mountains, fully equipped al fresco kitchens settled under a tangle of clematis and large barn conversions with heated indoor pools and cinemas. An escape into the UK’s hidden coves and vast moorlands with all the mod cons thrown in has never been more in-demand.

The art of idleness

No more is a long weekend enough; now, it’s all about taking the time to sink into a real break away from the norm. We have spent what feels like an eternity cooped up in our homes, forever aware of the chores that have been left undone, the home office stuffed into the living room corner and the incessant noise of periodic home-schooling. 2022 will see a rise in long, laborious breaks in homes where there’s nothing really on the agenda bar resting, sinking into hot tubs and soaking up the English rays with a good book in hand. This year will see the nation relearn the art of idleness when on holiday.