Behind the doors of Britain’s most unique and luxurious homes lie untold stories. Stories of makers, artists and eccentrics who have splashed their personalities across the walls; stories of radical environmental projects; stories of whole buildings turning from bricks and mortar into an evolving tale of life’s most significant events.

No story can be brought to life without the personalities and souls who tangle within them. This month we showcase the homes whose owners’ hearts beat through their foundations and whose love and enthusiasm extends far beyond their curb appeal and magazine-worthy interiors to some of the warmest welcomes across the land.

Read on to find out why these owners want to share their homes with you.


“I’m interested in the practice of Wabi Sabi. Of celebrating the age and imperfection of things whilst renewing and transforming. We wanted to let the house breathe through the use of natural materials, eco paints and reveal the bare bones of the structure. There are many favourite places at Fjall, but the top one has to be the wicker swing chair on the porch, it is such a lovely, secluded corner with the most magnificent view. In the mornings, the stairwell is filled with a magical light which falls on the raw pink walls and antique wooden panel, bringing us joy every time we stay here.” – Majeda, owner

The Pandy House

"As a family we bought The Pandy House having fallen in love with it when we moved to Rowen. There was a romance crossing the bridge over the Afon Roe to access it, the constant sound of the river and the birds, the privacy of the building nestled in the overgrown gardens. The neglect of the property meant we could put our personalities and ideas into the design to bring the house back to life. It felt like a rescue mission. The themes are all very much inspired by the flowers and fauna of Snowdonia National Park and we wanted everything to have the same level of attention to detail whether that be a door handle or showerhead." - Mike, owner


photo credit: Bluey Coote

“We have lived on Romney Marsh for 15 years and we totally adore it. At times it is an onslaught to the senses with fragrant smells of rape fields in the spring, wheat fields in the summer, and the rich marshy earth in the winter. In the summer we wake every day to the sound of birdsong, the roar of the poplar trees and the extraordinary 'chorus' of the marsh frogs resounding over across the marsh. Romany resides in the land of smugglers, shipwrecks, long walks, cycling, birdwatching, beaches, windsurfing and fishing and all only an hour and a half from London.” - Atlanta, owner


“The house has an extensive history and was originally built before the last battle of The War of The Roses at Mortimer’s Cross in 1461. It is believed that Hollyhocks was the last resting place for knights that fought for the throne for Henry VI. To this day you can still see their red roses painted in the dining area. In the 1920s the Twinings Tea Family pulled some of the original beams out and put in a parquet floor to give them the perfect space for the wedding of their daughter and other dances held that year. For us, the original parquet floor still conjures up the ‘roaring 20s’ whenever we step inside.” – Alex, owner


“The land that the house sits on was originally owned by my partner’s parents who lived in the cottage over the road. They used the space to grow fruit and vegetables during the '90s and '00s. I’m sure anyone who’s ever attempted building their own house will agree, they never come without their tribulations but for us, it was worth every shattered shower screen, late delivery and sleepless night. The south-facing patio is one of our favourite spots at Kohtalo. When we think of home, we picture long, balmy summer evenings in the sunshine here.” – Emily, owner

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