Starlit navigation, botanical identification and stoking eternal embers; skills once core to our communities have fallen into disfavour. Where knowledge banks brimmed with moon phases and their corresponding planting seasons, there now sits spreadsheets. Our souls crave soil and sunlight, hands yearn to build, and minds feel most at ease between the trees; yet our native needs have made way for screens. But now, they’re making a comeback. Wayfarers-turned-cube-dwellers, meet Eliza Brown.

As with so many great ideas, Eliza's was born from campfire conversations and a blending of tribes, stories told, and morals merged. A combined knowledge of survival skills and intense affection for the benefits of nature sowed the seed for a venture to rewild mankind. With a new direction to travel in, Eliza accumulated some of the UK’s most experienced adventurers, bringing them together as RVIVAL to provide tailor-made excursions into sustainability, craftmanship, and exploits so far from city smog, one could almost feel like they don’t exist at all. A conversation with an expedition guide that's so much more than mountains and rapids; here, it's all about returning to ourselves.

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Raised on a Shropshire farm, but with her heart firmly in the Scottish Highlands, Eliza has many adventures under her belt, from sailing across oceans, traversing landscapes on horseback, to diving, foraging, and hunting for sustenance. "RVIVAL was built to embody everything I cherish about nature," she states, "reflecting the rich tapestry of experiences that have shaped my life."

She goes on to say, “I founded the company out of a profound realisation that modern society, with its relentless pace and technological saturation, was losing touch with its primitive roots; our fundamental connection to nature. Having worked around the world, teaching survival and immersing myself in natural environments, I too fell into the trap of believing that to be an esteemed expedition guide, I must constantly strive to run the fastest or hike the highest. However, this mindset obscured a crucial truth: the necessity to slow down and truly reconnect with the world around us.”

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“The most fulfilling part of my job is witnessing the transformation in our guests. Observing someone rediscover their innate abilities and develop a profound connection with nature is not just rewarding; it's a confirmation that the path we are paving is not only necessary, but essential. This reawakening of ancient wisdom, combined with modern understanding, offers hope for a future where humanity and nature can thrive together.”

Every retreat Eliza and her team compose is tailored to the individual they are for, speaking with guests personally to dive deep into their personal needs, “For couples it's all about discovering new facets of their relationship, when it comes to families, our focus is on forging unforgettable bonds and building life skills that echo beyond our experiences, and for friends, our activities are designed to enhance the spirit of camaraderie and support.”

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Free diving for scallops, abseiling, and packrafting; wild cocktails, stories around the campfire and feasting. These experiences lie at the heart of RVIVAL, but also deep within our cores, stored in muscle memory, and reignited with just a spark of a flint. We were wild once, don’t let them tame you, is RVIVAL’s motto, “It encapsulates our mission to return to our roots.” She says, “Our team comprises of specialists who have dedicated their lives to the wild, possessing skills and knowledge that are both rare and necessary. Together, we collaborate with some of the world’s most remarkable natural habitats to offer transformative experiences that remind us of our intrinsic wildness and teach us to value and preserve it.”

For anyone looking to spend more time in nature, Eliza has one piece of advice, “Remove the pressure and simplify your approach. Embracing nature is about feeling at ease in the outdoors, so start with something as straightforward as a walk in your neighbourhood, regardless of the weather, which will also help you become more comfortable with the elements. The more often you do this, the more you'll naturally slow down—taking time to listen, breathe, and observe.”

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Tailored itineraries can be made for anyone, for any stay, across the United Kingdom. Whether you would like to learn to forage seaweed, or partake in a guided tour over the moors on horseback, simply complete the form under the Retreats section on your chosen property page.


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