In the latest episode of Made in Chelsea, Sam Vanderpump hosted the gang at Suffolk's Honeystone, a fully renovated 17th-century estate near Southwold, as they temporarily swapped their usual SW3 playground for a weekend of aristocratic antics. The mansion, boasting a guest book that reads like a Who's Who of British high society, provided the backdrop for drama, laughter, and typical MIC shenanigans.

To the left is the lounge at Honeystone in Suffolk, to the right is the outdoor pool

Replete with Greek mythology-inspired decor, Georgian savoir-faire, and ample luxurious amenities, including a large outdoor pool, lavish spa, and home cinema that would put the Electric Cinema to shame, the Chelsea crew effortlessly maintained their trademark nonchalance despite the glamorous surroundings. The sun-drenched grounds served as the setting for the cast's signature hijinks and heart-to-hearts, with the occasional dramatic storm-off thrown in for good measure.

The episode, channelling the spirit of Evelyn Waugh's Bright Young Things, left viewers with a heady mix of wit, romance, and revelry, all set against the backdrop of one of Suffolk's most beautiful historic homes. Honeystone Manor a Brideshead for the Instagram generation is set to become the new must-visit destination for those seeking a taste of the high life, Made in Chelsea style.

To the left is the dining room at Honeystone in Suffolk, to the right is a chrome bathtub

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