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Where was Bridgerton filmed? (and 10 aristocratic homes you can rent)Where was Bridgerton filmed? (and 10 aristocratic homes you can rent)

My Dearest Readers,

Have you found yourself utterly enchanted by the grand estates and stately homes from those most swoon-worthy of scenes in Bridgerton? After all, those aristocratic residences are as captivating as the salacious parties they host.

I have procured an exclusive invitation for you to experience the grandeur of these homes firsthand. Ten magnificent estates have opened their doors; prepare to be transported to a world of sumptuous luxury, where every detail is a feast for the senses, and the whispers of scandal echo through the halls.

Yours truly,

Lady Whistledown


Step into the enchanting world of Bridgerton, where breathtaking ballrooms, sprawling grounds, and regal interiors have captivated audiences worldwide. The hit Netflix series has showcased magnificent estates, including Ranger's House in Greenwich, Bath’s Holburne Museum, and Castle Howard in York, serving as the perfect backdrop for the show's most memorable moments. What's more, Grimsthorpe Castle (the Lincolnshire estate on which you'll find castle-in-miniature, The Summer Folly) was a location for the upcoming season.

We’ve got the key to ten exquisite aristocratic homes you can rent, where you can live out your Regency-era fantasies in real life. Immerse yourself in the lavish details, rich history, and stunning architecture, as you create your own story worthy of Lady Whistledown's society papers.


Margot's Townhouse

A greenery-infused internal courtyard and opulent marble accents add a touch of the French countryside to this sophisticated stone townhouse, where storied libraries and bold artistic flair create a regal ambience near Bath.

A large, three-story Georgian townhouse in Bradford-on-Avon


The Summer Folly

Nestled in the grounds of Grimsthorpe Castle in Lincolnshire, this charming folly is filled with soft frescoes, Moroccan tiles, and hand-painted murals, offering a colourful retreat for those seeking a fairytale escape.

An ornate, stuccoed room with a roaring fire, a velvet sofa, and a view through an arched doorway 


Castle on the Well

Crenellated walls, mullioned windows, and a striking Turner-inspired Venetian copper dome set the scene for raucous lunches and late-night revelry, which spills into the enchanting garden in the heart of Devon.

A miniature castle with battlements in lush, green landscaped gardens in Devon


Castle India

Tumble into fantasia at this extravagant home in Cornwall's Tamar Valley. Zany botanical beauty envelops you from floor to ceiling, while acres of sub-tropical gardens, orchards, and turrets lead to an ancient Indian pool house.

A dramatic four-poster bedroom with printed fabric and wallpaper at Castle India in Devon


The Palladian

A grand Georgian Cotswolds manor with an indoor hot tub and outdoor pool, perfect for champagne-soaked soirées. Stargaze by the tranquil pond, sneak romantic moments in the cinema snug, or get lost in the endless grounds.

A grand stately home with Greek architectural influence in the Cotswolds



A lavish 17th-century Suffolk estate fit for royalty, Honeystone brings Greek mythology to life. With a pool, gym, spa, and cinema, it's where A-listers secretly unwind near Southwold and The Broads.

A grand dining room with a long mahogany table set for dinner in a dual-aspect dining room with large windows



Concealed in the wooded hills of West Sussex, this 1850s country house channels French chateau charm. Step into a prismatic world of twinkling chandeliers, intricate mosaic floors and a glamorous pool.

A white manor houses in the distance, seen from above, framed by topiary gardens


Pearl's Place

Indulge in a rock 'n' roll romance between faded glamour and rural chic at this luxurious Frome manor. Venture through a whimsical wonderland of feminine florals, gilt accents, and bohemian flair; tea parties on the lawn await.

An ornate, Art Deco and gothic-inspired bathroom suite


The Lost Music Hall

A London dandy's secret Devon retreat, restored alongside lost Italian gardens. This enormous music hall invites hedonistic indulgence: floating in the pool, sipping cocktails, and playing the baby grand piano.

A large, red manor house with an Italianate balcony, seen from far away, surrounded by green fields and with hills in the background


Thornemead Castle

Push open heavy doors at this 240-year-old Gothic castle on Somerset's coast, featuring burgundy smoking rooms and vaulted ceilings. Within 10 acres of grounds with beehives and ancient trees, it's ideally placed for exploring Bath.

A grand billiards room, with a very large window draped in curtains, with an ornate chandelier

Feeling inspired? Read about the Saltburn-inspired estates for hire, find a pool of one's own, or browse the full collection of luxury homes in the UK and Ireland.

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