Our homes have been our sanctuaries over the past year; postponed trips inspiring many to create those serene moments of holiday relaxation in their own abodes, moments that can be experienced at any time they’re desired. Below, leading bath makers William Holland share their top tips on creating a luxury bathing experience without ever needing to leave the comfort of home (along with where you can find their sumptuous tubs across our portfolio of self-catering homestays).

Think beyond the bathroom

We demand a lot of our homes in today’s ever-changing times. Beloved family households have become classrooms, offices and holiday destinations all rolled up into one. With this in mind, it has become paramount to create areas of relaxation and joy and to get creative with design, function, and space.

So when it comes to bathing, think beyond the bathroom. Bathtubs are no longer restricted to private spaces in the home. Transcending the realms of necessity, soaking in the tub is now not only about washing, but health, wellness and escapism too. Equally suited to both indoor and outdoor use, the beauty of a bath is that it can go anywhere your imagination allows. What could be better than a copper bath beneath the stars?

Go big and stay home

The beauty of a copper tub is that it's lightweight, meaning you can have a bath as decadent as your dreams and space allow. The presence of a large sculptural bath instantly transports to a world of spa days, holiday vibes and pure moments of peace. When placed in front of a picture-perfect view, you have the recipe for a sublime escape anytime you wish.

Embrace dainty delights

Compact spaces often get overlooked but they can make for the cosiest spots and most inviting retreats, all they need is some clever design. A deep bath with dainty footprint can fit in the most petite of rooms whilst still providing a luxurious bathing experience. Selecting a mirror shine finish, such as copper or nickel, adds dimension, light and a feeling of opulence. Embrace the smallest room in the house to create an unexpected glamorous escape.