Travelling has always been a big part of my life. Since we welcomed our new family member (Errol the Golden Retriever) it has been much harder to pack up and fly somewhere. Travelling with a dog is much easier by car – and Errol just loves to sit in the back and watch things pass by. As a fan of Britain, this time I chose Cornwall. No hectic rush at the airport, no squeezing into a plane, no air turbulence. We travelled the old fashioned way, by our trusty old car.

En route to The Beach Hut we visited Castle Combe, said to be one of the most picturesque villages in England. The village has been a film location for several movies. Sienna Miller and Anthony Hopkins are among stars to have visited, and now Errol! While we clambered down to Porthacombe beach, Errol scampered across the sand to experience his first time in the ocean water.

I managed to find this incredible unique beach house to rent; completely private with your own “swimming pool” (huge and right outside the front door)! Listening to the sea all day and night was completely inspirational. The house was used in a Demi Moore film and various other celebrities have visited. I can understand why, it is magical. While we were busy exploring the house, Errol adventured out to test the water again.

Cornwall is bordered by its coastal footpath, offering a stunning and unforgettable way to explore this part of England. Errol and I looked out across the ocean, taking in a deep breath of the fresh ocean breeze; I felt peace here.

Errol loved Britain: the sea, the sand, the British people… most of all he loved every dog he met, making friends with each and every one of them!

Andrea Kuehnis Photography