Our week in Cumbria last summer was welcomed with glorious sunshine, flowerbeds overflowing with flora and breathtaking views. With the August sun high in the sky, we knew that Figtree House, with its pockets of beautiful spaces and indulgent amenities, was exactly what we needed for our yoga retreat. The remote setting allowed our guests to unplug from the over stimulus of modern life, whilst being able to reconnect with a sense of peace.

Specialising in luxury retreats, we look for venues that offer a safe sanctuary for our guests to fully succumb to the holiday's itinerary. When we partnered with Unique Homestays for our ‘Vibrating Higher’ retreat last year, we were excited to have found a place that struck the perfect balance between nature and luxurious touches.

Set in Cumbria’s velvety green hills, we led guests through an extended weekend of hiking, canoeing, mindfulness and yoga to offer them the chance to find a higher form of happiness. With morning yoga practices to wake up and energise the body, meditation and intention setting, we wanted guests to take a deeper look within; staying at Figtree House allowed them to take this fresh perspective even further, all the way across to panoramic views of sweeping hills, winding rivers and alluring lakes. There were local trails on our doorstep, so we also ventured out for daily walks and hikes around The Lake District and Yorkshire Dales before returning home to lounge in the garden and enjoy freshly baked goods.

The final segment of the retreat was the food to help transform our guests' state of mind by boosting serotonin and their overall happiness. Although all of our escapes are focused around nutritious and delicious meals made with love by our chefs, Figtree House offered an abundance of homegrown delights such as mint and rosemary, that took our offering to the next level! In the spacious kitchen, our chef had all she needed to put local and sustainably sourced meals together,  meaning our guests were not only well fuelled for their adventures but were also able to garner a sense of community and collective belonging.

In Unique Homestays, we found a partner that lived up to its name, enabling us to realise our mission of going above and beyond to deliver a truly magical experience for our guests! We’re thrilled to be hosting two upcoming retreats with them this year; join us in August to vibrate higher in their Somerset pastoral paradise of Bohème or join us in October to escape to their historic farmhouse hidden in the Black Mountains, The Wilds

Thank you to Down to Flow for sharing their experience at Figtree House. Video by Jack Lawrence of Above by Jack & Stamp Productions.