The Garden of England. Truly an apt description of a county whose borders warmly embrace the ocean, while the verdant heart of the county proudly flaunts a vast and impressive Area of Natural Beauty. From valleys that dip and soar following the undulating contours of the land, to sweetly scented meadows, softly sloping hills that reach for the horizon, quaint, sleepy towns that pepper the coast, and a history as rich as the tapestry of the land itself. If the county of Kent is calling, read on.

Wild Romance

Sir John Betjeman declared “Romney Marsh, where the roads wind like streams through pasture and the sky is always three-quarters of the landscape. The sounds I associate with Romney Marsh are the bleating of sheep and the whistle of the sea wind in old willow trees.” Often fondly referred to as The Fifth Continent, here natural beauty abounds in all her untamed glory and history runs deep within its soul.

Peacefully nestled amidst meadows of swaying grasses and unfurling wildflower blooms, Romany flawlessly mirrors its idyllic surroundings, blissfully encapsulating romance in its very essence. Light, bright and airy, yet cosy, calm and welcoming, this white-washed cabin in the wild is the epitome of fairytale fancy. Cosseted by bowing trees, life is slowed at this bijou bolthole for two where long lie-ins, lounging on the day bed and padding barefoot to the bubbling hot tub are a requirement of any stay.


Rural Bliss

As the fourth largest Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the country, the High Weald is the promise of adventure embodied. A verdant mosaic of sprawling fields, wood-lined valleys, efflorescent glades and babbling brooks, this oh-so-special portion of the Kent countryside has long been muse to both creative and curious souls alike. Gaze on luscious meadows shimmering in the bright haze of day and embrace the blanket of night as the sun sinks beyond the horizon, a myriad of brilliant stars piercing the inky black of this dark sky reserve.

Hemmed on all sides by a patchwork of vivid greens, Ever After is a picture-perfect home certain to ignite the sparks of imagination. Positioned amongst acres of private land, this multi-generational masterpiece of a home seamlessly fuses tradition with contemporary design. A house with a tale to tell, there is magic woven into the very fabric of Ever After. While away the days taking languid laps of the pool, allow yourself to be serenaded by birdsong and perhaps find a tranquil spot in which to settle down and pen a few lines, taking inspiration from the landscape that surrounds you; there could not be a more idyllic rural retreat in which to do so.

Architectural Edge

“The world, according to the best geographers, is divided into Europe, Asia, Africa, America, and Romney Marsh.” Rev. Richard Barham. Once a smuggling hotspot and called home by many an artistic soul, Greatstone Beach sits within one of the five Cinque Ports of England. Named “the Gift of the Sea”, the rich land that composites the area is a Site of Special Scientific Interest, and unsurprisingly, a nature-lovers dream. With fresh winds rolling in from the English Channel and two miles of soft sand to play on, beach-goers are as happily catered for here as the wildlife enthusiasts.

Proudly rising from the dunes as if sprung from the sand itself, Jagger is a glorious sight to behold. Inspired by the landscape on which it sits, this geometrically engineered home has been carefully designed to mimic and reflect the palette of ochre hues that paint the locale. An inspired coalescence of recycled and earth-friendly materials, Jagger has been meticulously designed to embrace, enhance and celebrate the ever-changing ocean-vista. Minimalist interiors and clean lines allow the views to do the talking, best enjoyed with a steaming mug of freshly brewed coffee at sunrise, and ice-cold sundowners on the balcony as ribbons of fiery pinks emblazon the sky at dusk. With sand-between-toes and salt-licked skin, never before has a holiday by the seaside been so stunning.

Seaside Seclusion

Once the fashionable playground for Royals, modish socialites and the London elite, Sandwich Bay remains a private estate to this day. Along this gentle Kent shoreline, a sense of peace and calm is borne from the extensive, uninterrupted stretch of gold that gently greets the sparkling sea. Reaching far out to the horizon, the vista of blue and yellow is broken only by soft green tufts of dune grass that happily scatter the scene.

Settled right on the seafront, a mere, hop, skip and a jump from the lolling ocean waves, The Butlery and The Restoratory form part of a characterful Tudor-style home simply overflowing with charm and art-deco nostalgia. As if from a bygone era, this timber-clad family home is the most gorgeous of backdrops for a timeless beach retreat. Softly windswept days are best spent striding out across the water's edge and when the evenings draw in, sinking into sumptuous sofas with a cocktail in hand is a must, old sport.