Unique Homestays believes that every home has a story to tell.

A story which reflects the ground from which it has risen and embodies the soul of our Isles' wild spirits.

Our homes reside in mythical lands. Lands which were born on the winds of fantasy, whos foundations rose from the stepping stones of giants and whos mullioned windows look out upon cloud-shrouded mountains hiding legends of roaring dragons. In these homes, one can be anything or anyone they wish; a fearless explorer delving into twisted woodlands, a brave princess climbing the ramparts of a floating castle in the sky, or a mermaid tempting fishermen to the sea with her sweet siren song.

Here we introduce Britain in Wonderland; a story of our enchanted homes and folk who reside within them. We invite all who step through our doors to let go of their usual guise, to dig into imagination and to shrug the veil of the status quo from their shoulders.

Our collection of extraordinary homes celebrates the landscapes they hunker within; every corner of our small nation of islands holds a magic of its own. From woodlands hiding shining red toadstools to enormous expanses of heathered moorland, plunging waterfalls and ridgelines so high one could reach up, grab onto a cloud and hitch a lift to the heavens if they so wished. Each odyssey across the purlieu leads to enchantment, every peek into the undergrowth reveals alchemy.

This season we ask you to welcome the unusual and to encourage the eccentric; its there for the taking if one is daring enough to look that little bit deeper.

This is a Britain never seen before. A Britain free from the shackles of convention and rule.

This is Britain in Wonderland. Discover the collections.