Private swimming pools and their respective pool houses are so often associated with sun-bleached villas on the Grecian coast, hot tubs under the stars are meant for the Alps, not Suffolk, and all-encompassing homes where lethargic dance beats glide on the air from sun up to sundown are saved for Portugal’s warmer climes.

But no more. Homes which are holiday destinations all on their own hide down winding country lanes and behind giant Monterey pines all across our glorious isles. Illustrious dwellings who’s very meaning is that of pleasure, where one need never leave if they so choose. These residences are bold in their décor and audacious in their pursuit of indulgence.

Far from the pressures we have all been presented with over the past 18 months, these hedonistic hideouts offer liberation from routines, vibrancy to everyday existence and the opportunity to step out of life as you know it; here, it’s all about having a mighty good time.

The Lost Music Hall

Once tangled in the grips of Devon’s forgotten Italian gardens, The Lost Music Hall was born with hedonism in its foundations. It was once thought that a former owner of this grand abode moved to this quiet valley in the South Hams to become a recluse, but his additions to the house (of an enormous music room and swimming pool surrounded by dozens of chairs) and a glut of local tales would allude otherwise; a Gatsby in his own right, one can only imagine the extravagant parties that once took place between these reinforced concrete walls. Now, this self-catering homestay near Totnes perfectly lends itself to a celebration get-together or family escape, with no need to venture anywhere at all apart from into town to top up on homemade treats galore.

The Pandy House

Bright and bodacious, this unique North Wales home exudes joy from every cushion, light fixture and animal-adorned wallpaper. Birds, fish and zebras fly across bedroom walls, while psychedelic William Morris patterns meets dazzling emerald tiles. Built with eccentricity in its bones but with peace in its soul, The Pandy House encompasses the very essence of Snowdonia; elaborate as the National Park’s rich tapestry of valleys, forests and raging rivers, calm as the mountain peaks which sit high in the clouds. A hot tub under swaying festoon lights and with views of the mountains is the cherry on top of this already magical home.


A rebel in the nineties who has learnt to enjoy the finer things in life at a more sedate pace than when Queen played a roof-raising charity gig here, Rhapsody is a true utopia from the world. An outdoor heated swimming pool with a Moroccan-inspired pool house welcomes Mojito-induced summer sessions, while the floating reading room (with its own log burner) sits above the crayfish pond, perfect for those in search of solitude. Surreal garden sculptures, a sunken mosaic hot tub and even a private yoga studio; with its heart still very much in the world of revelry, this Surrey home could very well be Shangri-la.


Roused into fruition by a life of thundering music, far-flung travel and high fashion, Dandelion embodies a life lived with pleasure at its heart. Colour and pattern are used confidently throughout every room, while dark, sensual bathrooms invite drawn-out soaks in deep rolltop bathtubs. Tactile and luxurious down to the very last detail, this Cotswold-style manor will transport families and groups of friends into a world of impeccable taste.


An alternative coastal abode filled to the brim with vintage glamour and bohemian vibes, Siren was designed with creative souls in mind. Inky blues and coral pinks sit alongside swaying curtains and jute baskets, while Coverack’s golden sands are just a short jaunt out the front door. A cottage where one can fully sink into relaxation, spend days here wandering the coast path and nights sipping wine under kaleidoscopic sunsets.


There are homes with facilities, and then there’s Viola. Inside, two full motion Formula 1 racing simulators and an airplane simulator await in the owner’s self-proclaimed man cave while outside, a Spa Jacuzzi, heated swimming pool, plunge pool, tennis court and three hole golf course are sure to keep all members of the party busy. It’s not all action here though, and Viola lends itself just well to idleness as it does to adrenaline; escape for a secret dinner for two in the lake house, recline in the shade with a cool glass of fizz or simply sink into one of the soft sofas under a twinkling chandelier, nose in book and phone far from reach.

Pearl’s Place

Gleaming with vintage finds and hand-finished touches, this rock ‘n’ roll home is a living love letter to faded glamour and the roaring twenties. Deep colours and layers of texture adorn every wall, floor and item of furniture, while thick rugs invite late nights of intimate conversation over a bottle of Pinot Noir, cross-legged in front of roaring fires. In summer, gather the mismatched tea sets for a Champagne breakfast overlooking the Somerset countryside; in the darker months slink into the hot tub as rushing clouds speed overhead.