Hanging macrame plant holders, curved lines, rattan furniture and bold patterns; thereís no doubt about it, the 70s are back. Thatís not to say that avocado bathroom suites and brown-on-brown patterns are making their way back into our homes, but a rebellious outcry against minimalism, a reaction to the economic and political climate and an overwhelming desire to throw out the rulebook and create a place which truly reflects our personalities.

The bohemians of the 70s channelled freedom and hope into their interiors and, while the decade is famed for being one without good taste, it would seem as though itís gone off into the world, gathered some life experience and returned a matured version of itself. What once was carefree is now refined, was wild now sophisticated, out of control now elegant; the rebel is still there, but with the tools to eloquently put words across without barricading to parliament buildings (just yet...).

Layers and Patterns

Colour and pattern were the defining trends of the 70s, where eccentric accessories in garish shades twinned with out-there motifs. However tacky and kitsch, these vibrant nests were designed to invoke joy and togetherness, taking a stand against the world. Today this trend is weaving its way into our homes and restaurants, bars and clubs but with a more considered feel than before; think florals on florals, swathes of thick fabrics draped across furnishings and bold accents punctuating unloved corners.

Properties featured: Juneberry, Siren, Pearl's Place

Follow the Call of the Disco Ball

Glamorous, dreamy and filled with soul, disco is back with a vengeance. However, Saturday Night Fever has been thrown out of the window and the hedonistic, eccentric vibes of the famed Studio 54 have taken its place. Velvet sofas and curvaceous rooms, metallic, space-age spheres and moody tones reminiscent of smoking rooms with carafes of port breathing in wait of drawn-out night caps are the name of the game in 2019, and we couldnít be more excited.

Properties featured:The Aviary, Felicity Park, Charity, The Looking Glass

Green Appeal

Despite their air purifying and health boosting benefits, houseplants seriously went out of style at the end of the 70s. But now they are enjoying a resurgence, with hanging greenery trailing across ceilings and cheese plants taking pride of place in living room windows. Itís not just the living which is making its way into our homes, but daring botanical prints splashed from floor to ceiling on luxurious wallpaper, rounded shapes and natural materials all reflecting the beauty of the great outdoors within our living spaces. An appreciation for the organic and soft is back; meanwhile, gaudy plastic is banished.

Properties featured:The Fable, Gwendolyn, Islander,

Rich and Earthy Pallette†

With a rise in a love for all things natural, itís no surprise that synthetic colours and neon are saved now mostly for the festival scene. Bringing burnt oranges and tan leather sofas, forest green and ditsy floral prints back into our living rooms; faux fur rugs and woven wall hangings for bedrooms. It's about time, right?

Properties featured:Kingfisher Farm, Alchemy Hill, The Redes, The Botanist