Author Matshona Dhliwayo once said that the storm is an artist and the rainbow is its masterpiece. Here, we encourage you to embrace the flashing silhouettes that dance across melancholy skies and observe how they stimulate a new landscape. We round up the best destinations to find the serenity in the eye of a storm.

Lake District

In the tiniest moment where clouds roll in, the bird’s lyric is muted as the first rumble of thunder echos through trees. A stillness that unnerves the senses where the wind holds its breath, is followed closely by a downpour that commands an awe-inspiring performance reaching the forests beneath. The Lake District will conquer the notion that you can’t find peace within the storm.

Where to stay: Aquila, Skyline, Winterfell


Golden sand is tossed through the air revealing contours of shipwrecks from yesteryear, while waves ferociously meet crumbling cliff faces. Cornwall is synonymous with a canvas in which Mother Nature is continuously taking her time to alter, as acclaimed coastlines and landscapes provide the purest of backdrops for her latest showpiece.

Where to stay: The Signal Station, Whitsand Bay, Delphin, The Beach Hut, The Chalk House


The land where mighty mountains rise from the lochs below, greeting cracks of lightning and sheltering the valleys they tower over. Still waters become broken from piercing drops of rain, as golden eagles soar through the raging winds, seeking refuge until it passes. In great paradise, the storm provides an opportunity for the land to flourish in the essence of what it is built upon and Scotland allows you to experience this first-hand.

Where to stay: Kyn, Elemental, Supernova, Little Eden


The tune of rainfall that drops harmoniously over ancient granite summits is carried through the winds that travel between two coastlines. Look on as a palette of hazed colours decorate the mural created by skies above and is portrayed over the moorland. A Devon storm will leave you feeling enchanted as you give chase through the Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty to the heart of what surrounds you.

Where to stay: Sea Sentry, The Creamery, The Brandy Thief, Dusky Cottage, Linea