Escaping the electric pace of the everyday world around us is something that we all crave - a simple desire to take a step back and refresh. The historic game of golf has been a soothing tool utilised by many for generations and has become an aspect of everyday life for millions across the world. The United Kingdom is blessed with the most enviable of landscapes and plays host to a varied range of courses that wholly embrace this terrain in all its charm.


Known for never-ending landscapes accompanied by edge of the world views, the Emerald Isle is not something to be missed by any keen golfer. Despite its size, Ireland has a fierce reputation for producing some of the best players to ever grace the sport and flaunts some of the most awe-inspiring courses on the planet.

Where to Play and Where to Stay

Glasson Golf Resort and Mount Temple Golf Club – Walden Lakehouse

Dooks Golf Club – Lost Cottage

Bantry Bay Golf Club - Skyros


With a rich combination of sea-infused air and far-reaching countryside views, the Cornish setting provides a backdrop that can rival any course in the land. Despite only having around 30 affiliated courses to choose from, the variety among them is high, ensuring that there really is something for everyone.

Where to Play and Where to Stay

Perranporth Golf Club – Gwendolyn, Ellenglaze, Juneberry

Trevose Golf Club – The Looking Glass, Saphir Beach House, Butterfield House

Mullion Golf Club – The Hamptons, Tangle Belle, The Fisherman’s Knot


The Kent coastline flaunts the very best in colourful cottages, harbour towns and vast beaches sat below mighty white cliffs. With an array of contrasting courses to match the diversity of this beautiful county, there are plenty of options available when it comes to playing in the proclaimed ‘Garden of England’.

Where to Play and Where to Stay

Royal St. George’s Golf Club, Royal Cinque Ports and Prince's Golf Club – Wonderlands, The Butlery, The Restoratory



Being the only county in England that is encompassed by two separate coastlines, Devon is full of diverse landscapes and rugged shorelines. You will find yourself immersed by the craggy coves, chic coastal resorts and the array of courses on offer, with Royal North Devon being one of the only greens in the country to play its original fairway.

Where to Play and Where to Stay

Royal North Devon – The Creamery

Bovey Castle – The Riddle, Wrey Mist, Sojourn

Teignmouth Golf Club – Sea Sentry, Rydon


Known for its rolling hills, miles of greenery and abundance of beautiful scenery waiting to be explored by the inquisitive visitor. Majestic gorges, undulating countryside and endless wetlands are just a small serving of what is offered within this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Amongst the charming towns and cities, historic courses sit and await the arrival of the budding golfer.

Where to Play and Where to Stay

Burnham & Berrow Golf Club and Weston-super-Mare Golf Club – Thornemead Castle

Orchardleigh – Pearl’s Place, Wool Merchant’s House